The Arts Centre Gold Coast 2013 Subscription Season

What do you do with a collection of high-calibre productions and a small (tiny) marketing budget? You improvise. Aiming to draw in a younger audience, the artwork for The Arts Centre’s 2013 subscription season had a strong emphasis on typography and embraced Gen Y’s trending interest in vintage style, without alienating the older demographic. To eliminate costs and present our programme in creative and functional packaging, I designed a folded die-cut shell to hold 18 postcards featuring each show and additional information. I felt strongly about this collateral being seen as something worth taking home; a keepsake for the season. A TVC was also created to reflect the brand tagline of ‘Your City. Your Centre. Your Season.’, where I had direct involvement in all aspects of the production from conceptualisation and directing, to editing and marketing. Other marketing materials ranged from logo design, programme design, official invitation, posters, front of house venue signage, print advertising, website design, and subscriber pin design.

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